lundi 17 novembre 2014

CAC : Climbers Against Cancer

You can support CAC on this website

vendredi 24 octobre 2014

Progresssing in Slovenia

Progressing in slovenia from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.


Hi, Here you can watch some movies about the Petzl Road Trip 2014. Some other will come soon ! Enjoys!

dimanche 12 octobre 2014


Finally after 3 years since the WILD ONE film is finished I had a lot of projections around the world.
If you were not around some festivals you could not see the film.
After 3 years, you can finally buy the documentary on the website

WILD ONE movie trailer from FilmIT on Vimeo.

mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Urko Carmona

if you don't know Urki Carmona, you should watch this video. We met in 2010 on the first official Paraclimbing competition in Japan. After it, he became two times Worldchampion. Congrats!
URKO, Escalando el presente - Trailer Oficial [HD] from Urko_Documental on Vimeo.